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Benefits of 2023

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Discover the power and benefits of, an open platform that empowers teams to streamline workflows and consolidate work processes in one collaborative workspace. Benefits of 2023, with its intuitive visual interface, teams can create tailored tools, leverage apps, and integrations to boost efficiency and stay agile.

Unlock unparalleled flexibility with's low/no-code environment, automation, and visualized views, enabling you to optimize sales, marketing, CRM, and project management effortlessly.


What is It's an open platform that brings together the best of both worlds: a semi-conversational and professional environment where users have the freedom to create tailored tools for every aspect of their work. With its intuitive visual interface, offers a variety of building blocks like apps and integrations, enabling teams to build or customise their work solutions according to their unique needs. shines in its ability to streamline workflows. Whether you're looking to optimise your sales pipeline, execute a seamless marketing campaign, implement a robust CRM, or establish a comprehensive project management tracker, provides a collaborative space for teams to align, stay agile, and boost efficiency.

So, what is all about? It's about empowering teams to consolidate their entire work process in one workspace. You can quickly start using their extensive library of visual and customisable templates. Moreover, offers a low/no-code environment, granting you access to automation, integrations, and visualised views. With, you can break free from limitations and work with unparalleled flexibility.

What is used for? Well, it's a versatile platform that caters to teams across various departments, including marketing, sales, IT, and project management. No matter which team you belong to, has the tools to meet your needs. It caters to both small and medium businesses as well as enterprise-sized customers, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its features. excels in its ability to simplify processes through a visual approach. This methodology proves effective for almost any project, making it a valuable asset for any company. By leveraging, teams can streamline their workflows and enhance collaboration, regardless of their specific industry or project requirements.

How does work?

A Board is the core of Each board comprises customisable building blocks, including groups, columns, and items, which create the desired structure for each team and their projects. Boards are grouped into a single workspace and each team can operate in it’s own workspace and each workspace can connect to each other making it a great application for the entire organisation to collaborate on a single platform. provides intuitive and customisable dashboard reporting that makes it easy to delegate tasks, track progress, and integrate multiple tools at a reasonable price.

When it comes to the benefits of, numerous advantages can revolutionise your work processes. This platform stands out with its user-friendly interface, empowering you to manage projects and tasks effortlessly and fostering seamless team collaboration. From small start-ups to large enterprises, caters to all, offering a versatile toolkit to keep you organised, aligned, and productive.

Exploring the pros and cons of reveals its strengths and areas for consideration. On the positive side, the platform boasts robust features, a visually appealing interface, and the ability to customise workflows to suit your unique requirements. The flexibility of allows it to adapt to your evolving needs, making it a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

So, what can do for you? It can transform the way you work, offering streamlined project management, improved task tracking, enhanced team collaboration, and efficient communication. With, you can centralise your work processes, minimise confusion, and maximise productivity. Embrace the benefits, weigh the pros and cons, and leverage the advantages of to propel your work to new heights.

Flexibility brings undeniable value through its remarkable flexibility. Projects come in various types and complexities, and each team has its own distinct approach to accomplishing tasks. Therefore, it's crucial for project management software to offer the flexibility needed to support diverse operational requirements. That's where shines. It allows you to configure your tools according to your specific management styles, ensuring you don't compromise on flexibility. The boards on are easily customisable and visually appealing, making your work experience enjoyable. With over 200 templates at your disposal or the option to start from scratch, caters to every industry, business, and team, making it an ideal solution for all your project management needs.

Visibility truly stands out when it comes to visibility. We all know how challenging it can be to keep track of individual tasks, timelines, and goals within a project. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when juggling multiple tasks and working with diverse teams. That's where comes in to save the day. They have implemented remarkable attributes that may initially seem insignificant but significantly impact your productivity. This includes adopting bright colour coding that makes everything visually attractive and amazing board views with various features such as calendar timelines, files, charts, and map views.

Intuitive boards are a game-changer for project teams and managers alike. They serve as valuable tools that streamline project workflows and ensure that project managers stay in control and on top of things. With dashboards, you can effectively organise and manage your projects with ease. These dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your project's progress, tasks, and milestones, enabling you to stay informed and make informed decisions. By centralising all the essential project information in one place, dashboards eliminate the need for manual tracking and keep you focused on driving your projects to success.

Communication and Collaboration

Benefits of excels at addressing communication and collaboration concerns through its powerful collaboration and communication tools and seamless integrations. One of its standout features is the ability to foster quick and efficient communication within your team through board comments and tagging. This functionality ensures that all the necessary experts are kept in the loop, facilitating smooth collaboration and knowledge sharing. In addition to its robust native features, integrates seamlessly with popular tools you may already be using, such as MS Teams, Slack, and Gmail. This integration enables you to effortlessly share information, updates, and files directly within the platform. Other integration tools include Asana, Trello, Dropbox, and Excel. It even works smoothly with Shopify, Basecamp, Github, and Todoist (this is not an exhaustive list).

Task Delegation

As you dive into more intricate projects that involve remote teams, offers a seamless solution. Creating a dedicated board for each project and inviting team members to join is a simple process. This allows the entire team to clearly visualise the tasks at hand and their respective deadlines. Such clarity significantly eases the workload for both you and your team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page and establishing a solid foundation for effortless tasks and project tracking. Whether addressing specific concerns, sharing insights, or updating task statuses, provides a platform for seamless interaction and ensures everyone's input is valued.


Accurate and timely reporting is a crucial aspect of effective project management. As a project manager, it is essential to have visibility into team members' progress and assigned tasks. When it comes to reporting, offers extensive capabilities, allowing you to measure virtually any aspect of your projects. Whether you need progress reports or performance metrics, provides the tools to generate valuable insights. Limitations

While boasts over 7000 individual 5-Star reviews on G2 Crowd with the software, When it comes to pricing, follows a tiered, per-user model. By no means is the cheapest product of its kind in the market but for good reasons as mentioned above. If you are considering for your entire organisation, it is important to think about how each team will adopt and use the platform to maximise your return on investment.



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