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Getting started with [2023 Quick Guide]

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

getting started with Capabilities

Sick of Manual Spreadsheets? Getting started with is the best thing you'll do for your business in 2023. is capable of managing CRM, HR, Projects & so much more! Over 200,000 unique businesses globally leverage's flexibility to build solutions that make sense for their industry and unique teams process, giving the power back to small, medium and agile enterprise-size businesses.


Anyone can get started with and here is your foolproof dummies guide to setting up your account:

Step 1: Sign up for your free trial account of

Go to or use the Fruition extended & supported free trial link below:

Step 2: Click get started and follow the trial set-up prompts

Enter details like name and business details to get started

how to sign up for get started trial button

Step 3: Create your first board

You can create a blank new board (blank slate) by selecting "Create New Board" from the dashboard and customize the board by selecting a template or creating one from scratch.

How to create a new board in
How to create a new board in

Using Templates to get a head start

You don't have to start from scratch, has dozens of pre-made templates that are free and available on all plan tiers too. Template centre here

Video tutorial on Templates:

Step 4: Setting up your board

Add groups to the board to categorise the information and items on the board to layout of your preference by simply dragging and dropping groups and fields

main table

Step 5: Add new items, tasks or projects

Add new items to the board by clicking the "+" button and entering details such as name, description, and assignees.

table of marketing plan

Step 6. Adding columns

You can add over 40 different types of columns to the board by clicking the "+" button and selecting the type of column you want to add, such as text, status, or date. Columns can be renamed and also dragged and dropped for your preference

sales lead management

Step 7: Use the communication features

Internal communicationssuch as comments and mentions, to collaborate with team members in real-time.

lea's events

Step 8: Integrate with other tools

Integrate with existing tools like Google Drive, Gmail and Microsoft Teams to streamline workflow and access all information in one place.

Step 9: Set up automation

This is where the workflow magic happens!

Automations are rules that help automate repetitive tasks like sending reminders great way to save time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Step 10: Bring your data together with Dashboards

Once you have some data in your can create super intuitive reports to visualise your data to make better decisions by bringing it all together into a single view

data dashboard

You should now be well on your to be using, when you are ready to buy, you can select a pricing tier that best fits the needs of the team and use the excellent customer support provided by, including live chat and a thorough knowledge base,

About Fruition:

Fruition Services is a Partner because we adore the product capabilities, its flexibility and how it helps transforms our client's business operations to be resilient and scalable.

Our team of expert consultants partner with your to help transform businesses with expertise in business process design and automation with complete software delivery and integration services. We support clients across all industries and departments to scale and optimise inefficient business processes.

Fruition services is a partner partner

How Fruition Services helps set up and scale your business with the right software:

Large and small-scale PMO framework consulting and implementation, we have expertise in transforming internal and client project management, delivery & scheduling

Every CRM is unique, we focus on understanding your lead, quote to cash, opportunity pipeline management and integration with core systems like VoIP Telephony and Marketing tools like Hubspot Marketing, Hootesuite and many others.

We help build a structured Marketing framework to connect your Marketing strategy and execution of campaigns to deliver measurable and reportable ROI.

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