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Top 8 Marketing Challenges & Solutions With 2023

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

list of capabilities including content creative strategy Marketer
  • What are the top challenges that marketers face?

  • How can help marketers overcome these challenges?

  • What are some specific examples of how has helped marketers succeed?

  • How can you get started using for your marketing efforts?

In this article, we will discuss the fundamental marketing team structure, the top marketing challenges in 2023, and how and other relevant tools can help streamline marketing workflows. By streamlining marketing workflows, marketing teams can spend more time on strategic marketing goals and less time on business-as-usual (BAU) activities.


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Marketing Roles

101: Marketing Roles & Responsibilities Overview:

The roles and responsibilities of marketing teams vary depending on the size of the team. In small teams, marketing professionals may wear multiple hats and have overlapping responsibilities. In larger teams, there may be dedicated roles for each function, such as marketing research, marketing communications, marketing operations, and marketing analytics.

  • Marketing Manager/Director: The team leader responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies, overseeing campaigns, managing budgets, and ensuring marketing goals are met.

  • Marketing Coordinator/Assistant: Provides administrative support to the marketing team, assists in coordinating marketing campaigns, manages schedules, and tracks budgets. May also assist in content creation and coordination.

  • Digital Marketer: Handles online marketing initiatives, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising. Optimizes campaigns to increase online visibility and drive customer engagement.

  • Content Marketer: Creates compelling content for various platforms such as blogs, websites, social media, and email campaigns. Develops content strategies to engage the target audience and enhance brand visibility.

  • Social Media Manager: Manages the company's social media presence, creates and schedules posts, engages with the audience, monitors social media analytics, and implements social media advertising campaigns.

  • Graphic Designer: Designs visual elements for marketing materials, including graphics, logos, infographics, and advertisements. Ensures visual consistency and compelling design across different marketing channels.

  • Market Research Analyst: Conducts market research to gather insights about target markets, customer preferences, and industry trends. Analyzes data to inform marketing strategies and decision-making.

  • Marketing Operations: Analyzes marketing data to measure campaign effectiveness, track KPIs, and provide insights for decision-making. Works with various tools to gather and interpret data.

  • Public Relations (PR) Specialist: Manages the company's public image, develops PR strategies, writes press releases, and handles media relations. Manages crisis communications and builds relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Events Manager An events manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing various types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, corporate meetings, weddings, and parties. Their primary role is to ensure that all aspects of the event run smoothly and successfully.


2023 Marketer's Top 8 Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1: Tight deadlines

Marketing and creative teams are often under pressure to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work, which can lead to stress and anxiety.

Solutions to consider:

  • Need for a centralised timeline view of the marketing team's portfolio of projects such as events, social media and campaigns. This helps provide transparency to stakeholders and ultimately will support setting expectations. forms editing gif Forms
  • Streamlining Campaign Intake Requests helps you save time and improve efficiency. By consolidating email and chat requests into one channel, like via forms, you can eliminate the back-and-forth communication required to capture information.

  • Load-balancing Team resources will be key to helping deliver on tight Deadlines by utilising all available resources effectively.

  • enables an intuitive non-technical user interface with Dashboard capabilities to help manage strategy, Projects timelines, Calendars & Resources all in one place.

Challenge 2: Managing multiple projects

Marketing and creative teams often face the challenge of juggling multiple projects simultaneously, which can make it difficult to allocate resources effectively, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely delivery.

Solutions to consider:

  • A lot of great Marketers appreciate the art of Project Management and with many now also adopting Agile practices, it's worthwhile upskilling yourself and the team to help create structure and workflow automation. resource planning capabilities in an intuitive easy to use interface Resource Planning

Resource allocation is now easier than ever with the ability to set capacity for your teams and efficiently allocate tasks to all available resources in a single view.

Challenge 3: Maintaining brand consistency

Brand consistency is essential for establishing a strong brand identity. However, maintaining consistency across multiple marketing channels, campaigns, and creative assets can be challenging, especially when multiple teams are involved.

Solutions to consider:

  • Digital Asset Management within allows you to maintain the most current version of all digital and print assets in one place.

  • monday also has the ability to integrate with your favourite Creative tools like Adobe CC, Figma, Hubspot, Hootsuite and Pageproof to name a few. Keeping these platforms in sync will eliminate double handling.

Challenge 4: Keeping up with trends and innovation

The ever-evolving marketing landscape presents challenges for marketing and creative teams, who must stay up-to-date with new technologies, platforms, and consumer trends.

Solutions to consider:

  • Adapting to digital marketing such as video streaming, and omnichannel Marketing & SEO will become the primary inbound revenue generating Channels.

61%³ of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative according to Intergrowth. Free SEO Audit report with SEMrush here
  • Conducting a technology audit to get a view of all the different tools used in the team can really help give you a sense of any double handling throughout your operation. This exercise is process is called business process mapping

Challenge 5: Collaborating effectively

Marketing teams must collaborate effectively to avoid missed deadlines and costly mistakes. Each team member has their own expertise and responsibility, but they are also dependent on each other to deliver a successful marketing strategy.

Solutions to consider:

  • Marketing and Creative teams need to be cohesive to produce impactful campaigns, however ensuring smooth communication among all team members can be challenging, particularly when working remotely and across different timezones/locations.

Gif showing how messaging and collaboration function Messaging & Communication
  • does a really great job of streamlining internal meetings, chats and emails by bringing these three together into one place to eliminate loose multi-threaded conversations that can get lost in translation or completely... This way your team meetings are more about progressing next steps and not about catching up on the updates.

Challenge 6: Demonstrating ROI

Marketing teams must measure the effectiveness of their campaigns to justify their budgets. This can be challenging, especially when dealing with intangible metrics such as brand awareness or customer sentiment.

Solutions to consider:

  • ROI reporting on each marketing channel can help you validate the return on your marketing budget and identify which channels are performing best for your industry or sector. Bringing all of this data together was once the hard part but with tools like Make & Workato with open API app framework that allows creating connections to key data sources to provide an accurate ROI dashboard that also syncs data live.

  • Lower costs by auditing advertising spending and detecting fraudulent click-throughs using tools like ClickCease by CHEQ

  • Outsource low in-house expertise workloads to a trusted and reputable partner that you can track the return.

Challenge 7: Balancing creativity and productivity to avoid burnout

Creative burnout is a real problem in marketing teams. Constantly generating new ideas, meeting deadlines, and dealing with creative blocks can take a toll on mental and emotional health. However, there is a way to alleviate this problem: Make marketing outputs more visible to the rest of the business. When other departments see the value of marketing, they are more likely to support it. This can lead to increased funding and resources, which can help to reduce burnout.

Solutions to consider:

  • Make Minimise internal meetings by making your roadmap and campaign progress visible through Shareable reports

  • Incubate, pipeline and grade creative ideas as part of the creative intake process with approval workflows within or with external stakeholders. Pageproof is great for markups and more deep multi-approval workflows

  • Appreciate and accommodate the Creative team's capacity through Resource Planning

  • Be conscious of instant response culture via Slack and Teams that may be distracting teams, you can limit this by drawing the line on official updates to be communicated in context against a specific project or task within where possible Limit Slack/Teams comms and consolidate collaboration efforts onto the project tool like

Challenge 8: Managing client expectations

Managing client expectations is a critical skill for marketing and creative teams. It requires effective communication and negotiation skills to align client objectives, understand their vision, and deliver results that meet their expectations.

Solutions to consider:

  • Automated notifications updates when Milestones or bottleneck helps keep clients in the loop

  • Centralised Collaboration platform to minimise meetings, actually allows you to invite unlimited guests as collaborators, for free. No limit and no additional cost for the Pro and Enterprise plans

  • Set expectations around deliverables and timelines with better resource capacity visibility

Thanks for reading, hopefully, some of the ideas above help optimise what you are already doing well!

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