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With for Product Development, Teams Work Better: boosts teamwork, smoother product creation, and faster launches.

10 Reasons Beats Jira for Product Teams

  1. Agile Managing: Make boards to track tasks and adapt to change fast.

  2. Roadmap Planning: Visually plan product roadmaps for clear focus.

  3. Cross-Team Unity: Bring product, dev, and other teams together.

  4. Feature Backlog Control: Easily manage backlogs for smooth cycles.

  5. Release Coordination: Manage product launches smoothly.

  6. Bug Tracking: Track and fix bugs fast.

  7. Shared Designs: Teams collaborate on aligned designs to prevent confusion.

  8. Integrations: Connect tools to sync data and streamline work.

  9. User Feedback: Capture feedback to improve products based on user needs.

  10. Retrospectives: Review processes to continuously improve.

How We Help Set Up for Product & Developer teams:

At Fruition Services, we have a tailored way to help you use as your product development CRM. Here is our process:

  1. Needs Evaluation: We learn your product development goals. This helps us match's tools to your needs.

  2. Research: We compare to other systems on price, abilities, and connections. This ensures it fits your work.

  3. Setup: We customise for you by making workflows, automations and permissions. This perfectly fits your processes.

    • Data Transfer: We accurately move over your existing customer data. This prevents disruptions.

    • Training: We train your team on using effectively.

  4. Launch: Once set up and trained, we launch across your team.

  5. Follow Up: We continuously check in to ensure meets your goals.

More Implementation Tips:

  • Get all stakeholders on board first before starting. This guarantees commitment.

  • Start small then expand slowly. This prevents being overwhelmed.

  • Use consultant help if needed. They provide guidance and expertise.

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