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With as your Construction CRM & Project Management platform your teams will experience enhanced streamlined communication with mobile access, and improved automated workflow efficiency.  

​10 Reasons Why is perfect for Construction teams

Pre-construction CRM, Tendering & Estimating

Track and manage Lead enquiries, Contacts, Accounts and emails from one place to progress your construction opportunities and tenders bids from enquiry to estimation and contract management all within

Project Planning and Management

Effectively plan and manage construction projects to ensure continuous project coordination and successful delivery.


Mobile Access (Android or iOS App)

Give your employees and subcontractor visibility of job details and job communications

Invoice and Contract Management

Connect Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB and create signable contract templates that pulls data from your monday boards

Resource Allocation

Optimise resource allocation and ensure resources are efficiently utilised throughout construction.

Budget and Cost Tracking 

Track expenses, monitor costs, and maintain financial visibility to ensure projects stay within budget constraints.

Document and Drawing Management

Centralise construction documents and drawings, promoting better communication and collaboration among team members.

Health and Safety Compliance

Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Progress Reporting

Monitor key milestones, measure progress, and keep stakeholders informed on the status of construction projects.

Subcontractor Management

Manage subcontractor relationships and performance.

Integration & Automation

Integrate popular construction tools and automate construction workflow processes and approvals in the palm of your hands on-site or your desktop

Equipment Maintenance

Schedule maintenance tasks, track equipment condition, and ensure machinery operates optimally.

Portfolio Dashboards and Cost Reporting

Create custom dashboards to visualise construction project metrics.

Shapes and Shades
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How Fruition builds a turn-key Construction CRM and Project Management Solutions, here's how we do it:

Needs Assessment:

By assessing your construction needs and goals to understand what you want to achieve with a CRM system. By clearly understanding your requirements, we can align’s features with your specific needs.
Process mapping:

Our Consultants work with many construction firms and help you look at what data metrics you need within your business, and understand how the data is represented currently (Current vs. Desired state) - What would you do better if you could make better decisions? We support you with Consulting with your team on their gaps. Communicate with leadership to understand the business vision and what it would take to get you there. We then blueprint your bespoke solution and map the intricacies of your solution build.

Seamless Configuration:

Our expert monday consultants configure to match your unique requirements but take into account other systems that need to be used within the business. Our monday Consultants help you keep data in sync by integrating with legacy systems to eliminate manual entry and unrequired steps. Once workflows are Set up, Fruition helps you set up automation and integrations, to ensure aligns perfectly with your construction processes.​

Ongoing Monitoring and Iterations:

Our monday consultants continuously monitor performance and evaluate effectiveness in meeting your construction goals. We also offer managed services packages that ensure you are supported post-implementation also.
Adoption and Onboarding:

We help your entire team onboard by Getting buy-in from all stakeholders from day 1, we do this by demonstrating our existing construction industry best practice solutions before starting the implementation process. This ensures everyone is on board and committed to the project's success.
Start Small, Scale Up:

If you’re new to software like CRM or Project management systems, we recommend starting with a smaller scope and gradually expanding the implementation. This approach prevents overwhelming your team and allows for better management of the implementation process.
Implementation and Consulting Support:

Fruition monday consultants and implementation experts bring their experience, wisdom and knowledge to help you navigate the implementation process effectively and avoid common pitfalls. 

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