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Purple Net Email Ticketing & Service Management

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Email Ticketing with

Fruition, a certified partner, offers cutting-edge shared inbox solutions for streamlined customer service and business operations email management.

Integrate your email ticketing system, including Outlook and Gmail, with for unparalleled efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Unleash the Power of for Your Customer Service

  • Seamlessly integrate your email ticketing system with

  • Centralize your customer service management for optimal efficiency

  • Leverage shared inbox solutions for collaborative customer support

Outlook and Gmail Integration Made Easy

Fruition specializes in integrating with your existing email ticketing system, including Outlook and Gmail.

Our experts ensure a smooth integration process, allowing you to manage all your customer inquiries from a single, user-friendly platform.


Streamline Your Customer Service Workflow

With's shared inbox solution, your team can collaborate effortlessly on customer inquiries. Assign tickets, track progress, and resolve issues faster than ever before.

Say goodbye to scattered communication and hello to streamlined customer service management.


Why Choose Fruition for Your Integration?

  • Certified partner with proven expertise

  • Seamless integration of Outlook and Gmail with

  • Customized shared inbox solutions tailored to your needs

  • Dedicated support and guidance for optimal results

Transform your customer service management with Fruition and

Contact us today to explore how our email ticketing integration and shared inbox solutions can elevate your customer support to new heights.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 8.20.17 pm.png Email Ticketing for customer and IT Service Management:

  1. Email Ticket Management for Shared Inbox:
    A centralised platform to manage customer inquiries, assign tickets, and track their progress, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

  2. Customisable Ticket Workflows: 
    Shareable Forms, email or telephony & text integration. Tailored to fit your unique customer service processes.


  3. Seamless Communication:
    Built-in comment threads, @mentions, and notifications and integration with Teams and Slack


  4. Customer Data Management:
    Access customer history, preferences, and previous tickets to provide personalised and efficient support.


  5. SLA Tracking and Escalations:
    Set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to track response and resolution times.


  6. Knowledge Base Creation:
    Store FAQs, support articles, and documentation to empower your team and customers.


  7. Email integration:
    Seamlessly integrate with popular support tools such as Outlook or Gmail to sync customer data,  shared email inboxes ticket information, and communication channels.


  8. Analytics and Reporting:
    Gain valuable insights into your customer support performance.


  9. Automation Superpowers:
    Automate repetitive tasks and workflows.


  10. Excellent Customer Support:
    Whenever you need assistance, is ready to help you succeed in delivering outstanding customer service.

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