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The Future of Productivity: 5 Key Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Advancements in 2023 have propelled our global society into new heights, specifically with advancements in AI and the decreased threat of biological chaos that the coronavirus brought us and with our economy correcting itself with inflation. Change is not only desired but pushing us to innovate.

Here are the top 5 Productivity trends of 2024 that are worth keeping an eye on:

1. Remote and Hybrid Work Optimisation:

  • Ongoing refinement of remote work strategies and tools.

  • Integration of technologies to enhance collaboration, communication, and project management in remote and hybrid work environments.

  • Focus on employee well-being and mental health support.

2. AI and Automation in Workflows:

  • Increased integration of artificial intelligence and automation in routine and repetitive tasks.

  • Adoption of AI-driven tools for data analysis, decision-making, and process optimisation.

3. Augmented Reality (AR) for Training and Collaboration:

  • Utilisation of AR for immersive training experiences and remote collaboration.

  • Integration of AR in industries such as manufacturing, maintenance, and healthcare to improve efficiency.

4. Focus on Employee Experience and Engagement:

  • Emphasis on creating a positive employee experience to enhance motivation and productivity.

  • Implement tools and practices prioritising employee well-being, recognition, and growth.

5. Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures:

  • Increased investment in cybersecurity to protect against potential disruptions and data breaches.

  • Implement secure and user-friendly authentication methods for access to digital tools and systems.

Fruition Services is a certified integration partner. Our team of expert consultants help transform businesses with specialisation in business workflow process design, implementation and integrations with

We support clients across all industries and departments to scale and optimise inefficient business processes.

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class solutions that are scalable and cost-effective solution delivery to ensure faster time to value and return on your software investment.

How we can help:
  • Project Management: Large and small-scale PMO framework consulting and implementation, we have expertise in transforming internal and client project management, delivery & scheduling

  • Sales & CRM: Every CRM is unique, we focus on understanding your lead, quote to cash, opportunity pipeline management and integration with core systems like VoIP Telephony and Marketing tools like Hubspot Marketing, Hootsuite and many others.

  • Marketing: We help build a structured Marketing framework to connect your Marketing strategy and execution of campaigns to deliver measurable and reportable ROI.

  • Creative & Design: We help transform creative process workflows from Briefing in, traffic managing jobs, scheduling workloads, approvals and even managing your external agency collaboration.

  • Software Development & Product Management: We support all stages and methods of Product & software development use cases within including Ideation prioritisation, NPD, Agile project delivery, supply chain and collaborating with Marketing on GTM strategies and operations for inventory Control:

  • Finance Teams: Elevate financial management with our tools: Budget Planning, Expense Management, Reporting, Invoicing, Cash Flow, Compliance, Supplier Management, Forecasting, Integration, and collaboration.

  • HR & Recruitment: Create structure in your HR team by creating processes and workflows for onboarding and recruitment, HR Requests and email management.

  • Customer Service & Call Centre: allows you to manage your entire customer service workflow including Ticketing and telephone integration with tools such as Aircall, Talkdesk and Twilio

  • IT Operations: Do more with less such as Helpdesk ticketing, Incident management, IT Project management, Vendor/Contract Management and integrations with Jira and Azure DevOps

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