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[Seven Ways] AI will change the way you work in 2024

Updated: 2 days ago has been a bit less vocal than some SaaS vendors about it's advancements in AI capabilities, but wow some of these recent updates may just revolutionise the way you work. Get ready for a new era of productivity.

The openness of the platform will shortly invite developers to access, further enhance, and build through its open API.

Seven ways is already reinventing the way we work with integrated AI:

You no longer need to be Scrum/Agile master or 20-year veteran project manager veteran to build a project plan, monday AI does it for you.

2. Categorize your tasks with AI (Task Management Automation)

monday AI can now use a brief text description from your columns and updates section to automatically categorise tasks.

3. Compose and rephrase emails: (Email Writing Automation)

Did you know you can send emails from within using your existing Gmail or Outlooks client? To add to this amazing feature, monday AI writes the email with your own automated controls!

4. Detect Sentiment with AI (Automation)

Leveraging the existing text with you can now automatically detect

5. Summarize complex tasks (Text & Documentation)

Helps use large bodies of text such as meeting transcripts and create actionable items as tasks

6. Build AI formulas (Numbers & Calculations)

This is a big one for those non-techy users who still need to be able to build complex formulas to connect and understand information from different columns and fields

7. AI API Documentation for Software Developer Kit

For our semi-techy users that love No Code but need more, no worries, SDK AI helps you write code and troubleshoot your code. Nice.

What will you ask monday AI to do first?

Haven't tried monday before? Get your extended free trial here.

Contact us to get started with automating on monday AI

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