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Are you struggling to effectively allocate resources and maximize your team's potential? has the solution you've been searching for.

Efficiently managing resources is critical to a companies profitability. has developed a easy to use resource allocation solution that combines the power of their platform with a well-designed workflow, enabling organizations to streamline their processes and maximize ROI.

  • Centralized platform integrates project management, resource planning, and capacity tracking

  • Empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize human capital

  • Real-time calculations, user-friendly interface, and intuitive workflow

  • Must-have for organizations looking to:

  • Gain a competitive edge

  • Improve project outcomes

  • Foster a more productive workforce

  • Revolutionize the way you manage your team's potential with today

1. Four interconnected boards and a dashboard provide a comprehensive overview of:

  - Resource availability

  - Project timelines

  - Capacity planning

2. Employee directory board:

  - Lists all employees

  - Calculates available hours on a yearly basis

  - Integrates with project portfolio view

3. Resource planning board:

  - Allows for granular resource allocation (100%, 50%, 25%)

  - Utilizes sub-items for precise allocation throughout project lifecycle

  - Flexible and adaptable to complex projects

4. PTO board:

  - Aggregates employee time off, training, and non-project activities

  - Enhances accuracy of capacity planning

5. Dashboard:

  - Bird's eye view of resource allocation landscape

  - Identifies employee bandwidth for new projects

  - Offers insights at role and team levels

Key benefits:

- Real-time calculation of capacity pool and occupancy rate

- Dynamically updates based on project assignments, PTO, and other factors

- User-friendly interface and intuitive workflow

- Empowers data-driven decisions and maximizes human capital ROI's resource allocation solution is a must-have for businesses navigating the challenges of a complex and dynamic environment. By harnessing the power of technology, organizations can:

- Gain a competitive edge

- Improve project outcomes

- Foster a more productive and efficient workforce

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