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CRM For Every Business Relationship [8 Alternative CRM Use Cases]

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Relationships within a business are universal and selecting a traditional CRM system may be letting limiting your organisation's potential

Meet monday CRM: Your Ultimate Relationship Management System

XRM, which stands for eXtended Relationship Management or Anything Relationship Management, is an innovative approach that expands the horizons of conventional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Unlike traditional CRM, monday CRM encompasses a ider array of relationships such as those with customers, partners, suppliers, and even employees. This versatile system offers functionalities beyond the scope of typical CRM, enabling businesses to streamline interactions and manage various relationships effectively, all within a unified platform.

This adaptability empowers organisations to tailor the system to their precise requirements, making monday CRM an invaluable tool for diverse business contexts that extend well beyond the realm of conventional customer-centric processes.

Why a CRM is important to all businesses:

1. Seeing the Big Picture:

monday CRM gives you a complete view of all your interactions with different people or groups. This big-picture perspective helps you make smarter decisions based on a full understanding of your relationships.

2. Fits Like a Glove:

monday CRM isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It adapts to suit the unique needs of each relationship – whether it's a customer, a supplier, or a team member. This means no more cookie-cutter interactions.

3. Mixing Data Magic:

Imagine pulling information from all corners – both inside and outside your organisation – to one place. monday CRM does just that, making it easier to analyze trends, predict outcomes, and make better decisions.

4. Teamwork Made Simple:

With tools to collaborate seamlessly, monday CRM brings everyone together – whether they're inside your company or outside. This teamwork boost ensures projects move forward without a hitch.

5. Grow Without Limits:

As your business expands and more connections come into play, monday CRM grows with you. It's like having a relationship expert who can handle anything that comes your way.

6. Personal Touch, No Matter What:

Thanks to Automation, AI and smart analytics, monday CRM helps you give a personal touch to every interaction, even as your network grows. It's like having a personal assistant for all your relationships.

monday CRM Use Cases: Changing How We Do Business

How monday CRM is making waves in various industries:

1. Sales and Marketing:

monday CRM supercharges sales by giving you insights into what customers really want. This means personalised approaches that lead to more sales.

2. Supply Chain Operations:

Manage all relationships involved in your supply chain from warehousing, inventory, ordering, delivery/transport vendor and supplier relationships anywhere in the world. When it comes to suppliers and managing your supply chain, monday CRM ensures everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

3. HR Operations:

monday CRM modernises how HR teams handle your people operation lifecycle from hiring to retirement. It's all about making sure employees are at their best and People Operations and HR have the right tools to enable employee success.

4. Partnership Management:

Managing Partnership is about collaboration, helping invite your partners into your secure workspace to share and work together is key.

5. Investor Connections:

For those seeking investment, monday CRM streamlines communication with investors, showing off your growth potential.

6. Customer Service & Support

Issue Resolution with monday CRM & Ticketing helps customer service teams address customer issues more effectively by providing a history of interactions and preferences, leading to quicker and more satisfactory resolutions.

7. Project Management

Managing Projects have a lifecycle too, and it all starts with a request which needs to vetted and prioritised, monday CRM and Project Management help keep teams and data together to execute the key initiative in one place, ensuring everyone is on the same page and goals are met.

8. Finance

Finance Teams are a busy unit and often a shared service to an entire organisation, ensuring there is integration into other departments to manage all elements of finance are paramount to stay in the black.

Challenges and Benefits

Of course, there's no magic wand that comes with monday CRM. There are challenges to overcome, like making sure your data is safe and ensuring your team knows how to use CRM to its fullest potential. But the benefits? They far outweigh the hurdles.

Click below to get started as your XRM platform today

Fruition is a certified partner. Our team of expert consultants are experts in transforming businesses with specialisation in business process design and automation with software implementation and delivery with integration services. We support clients across all industries and departments to scale and optimise inefficient business processes.

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class solutions that are scalable and cost-effective solution delivery to ensure faster time to value and return on your software investment.

How we can help:

  • Project Management: Large and small-scale PMO framework consulting and implementation, we have expertise in transforming internal and client project management, delivery & scheduling

  • Sales & CRM: Every CRM is unique, we focus on understanding your lead, quote to cash, opportunity pipeline management and integration with core systems like VoIP Telephony and Marketing tools like Hubspot Marketing, Hootesuite and many others.

  • Marketing: We help build a structured Marketing framework to connect your Marketing strategy and execution of campaigns to deliver measurable and reportable ROI.

  • Creative & Design: We help transform creative process workflows from Briefing in, traffic managing jobs, scheduling workloads, approvals and even managing your external agency collaboration.

  • Software Development & Product Management: We support all stages and methods of Product & software development use cases within including Ideation prioritisation, NPD, Agile project delivery, supply chain and collaborating with Marketing on GTM strategies and operations for inventory Control:

  • Finance Teams: Elevate financial management with our tools: Budget Planning, Expense Management, Reporting, Invoicing, Cash Flow, Compliance, Supplier Management, Forecasting, Integration, and collaboration.

  • HR & Recruitment: Create structure in your HR team by creating processes and workflows for onboarding and recruitment, HR Requests and email management.

  • Customer Service & Call Centre: allows you to manage your entire customer service workflow including Ticketing and telephone integration with tools such as Aircall, Talkdesk and Twilio

  • IT Operations: Do more with less such as Helpdesk ticketing, Incident management, IT Project management, Vendor/Contract Management and integrations with Jira and Azure DevOps

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